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GROOM proposal

GROOM Deliverables

  • Month 1: September 2011
  • Month 12: September 2012
  • Month 18: March 2013
  • Month 24: September 2013
  • Month 30: March 2014
  • Month 36: September 2014
  • Month 39: December 2014
Deliverable Download Estimated PM Nature Delivery date
D1.2 Advisory and Policy Makers Board meeting minutes Deliverable D1.2 1 R24
D1.3 Advisory and Policy Makers Board meeting minutes Deliverable D1.3 1 R39
D1.8 Reports on the Stakeholder Forum activities Deliverable D1.8 2 R24
D1.9 Reports on the Stakeholder Forum activities Deliverable D1.9 2 R 39
D1.10 Final report on the conclusions/perspectives about the GROOM activities Deliverable D1.10 24 R39
D1.11 Website releaseThis website 1 O6
D2.1 Current and future GOOS requirements and the need for a glider componentDeliverable D2.1 23.70R 24
D2.2 Report on data assimilation, model validation and OSSE requirements Deliverable D2.2 20 R 12
D2.3 Legal aspects of glider operations in European waters Deliverable D2.3 14 R 24
D2.4 The legal framework for joint management of a European glider componentDeliverable D2.4 10 R 24
D2.5 A financial model for the glider component in GOOSDeliverable D2.5 10 R 24
D3.1 Evaluation of submesoscale Physical/Biogeochemical study Deliverable D3.1 12 R 24
D3.2 Optical and salinity algorithms designed, test of RTQCDeliverable D3.2 24 O 12
D3.3 Report on GDAC portal organizationDeliverable D3.3 12 R 24
D3.4 Report on capacity building activities and web-sites completed Deliverable D3.4 25.50 R 24
D3.5 Scientific report on existing sensors to be integrated on gliders for biogeochemical and biological Deliverable D3.5 14 R 24
D4.1 Assess how existing hydrographic endurance line can be supported by the glider infrastructure Deliverable D4.1 D4.1 revised version 16 R 24
D4.2 Conformity of GROOM glider and multi platform missions with standardsDeliverable D4.2 16 O 33
D4.4 Field trial of a multi-glider campaign and dossier of lessons learnedDeliverable D4.4 28.40 O 30
D4.5 Evaluation of prototype glider fleet mission planning toolDeliverable D4.5 20 R 33
D4.6 Field trials of new sensors for glidersDeliverable D4.6 20 R 24
D4.8 Report on the acoustic component in glider observatory Deliverable D4.8 R 33
D5.1 Report describing the design aspects of the observatory ground segment Deliverable D5.1 33.50 R 33
D5.2 Report assessing the predominant sensors for gliders and recommending the new sensors to be integratedDeliverable D5.2 D5.2 revised version 28 R 24
D5.3 Report describing protocols for sampling, sample analysis, inter-calibration of missions, data analysisDeliverable D5.3 28 R 24
D5.4 Optimal sampling design methods for North Atlantic/Arctic and Mediterranean Sea Deliverable D5.4 28O12
D5.5 Environmental conditions and glider mission risk assessment toolDeliverable D5.5 (pdf file) 28O24
D5.6 Prototype glider mission planning systemDeliverable D5.6 (pdf file) 21 O 30
D5.7 Report describing costs to build and operate the glider observatory infrastructure Deliverable D5.7 16.50 R 33
D6.1 Gender Action Plan Deliverable D6.1 0.40 R 6
D6.2 Gender Action Plan 0.30 R 18
D6.3 Gender Action Plan 0.30 R 39
D6.4 Kick-off meeting minutes Deliverable D6.4 2 R 2
D6.5 General Assembly minutes Deliverable D6.5 3 R 18
D6.6 General Assembly minutes Deliverable D6.6 1.5 R 39
D6.8 Steering Committee Meeting 2 Minutes Deliverable D6.8 1.5 R 7
D6.9 Steering Committee Meeting 3 Minutes Deliverable D6.9 1.5 R 12
D6.10 Steering Committee Meeting MinutesDeliverable D6.10 1.5 R 18
D6.11 Steering Committee Meeting Minutes Deliverable D6.11 1.5 R 24
D6.12 Steering Committee Meeting MinutesDeliverable D6.12 1.5 R 30
D6.13 Steering Committee Meeting MinutesDeliverable D6.13 1.5 R 39

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