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"mon océan & moi" (LOV/CNRS/UPMC)

Please visit the website of the project monoceanetmoi

First of all, « mon océan & moi » wishes to share certain aspects of the scientific research in oceanography and marine biology with the wider public and in priority with young children and students.

The project aims at an adapted dissemination of diverse themes concerning the oceans and wishes to arouse new interests and possibly new vocations. In addition, this initiative provides a certain number of resources including theme oriented files, quizzes and games, that allow the teachers and science mediators to prepare a priori diversified and attractive interventions.

An ambition shared by the participants of « mon océan & moi » is to raise awareness of the marine environment. This awareness will initiate a conscience of the role of the « Big Blue » in our daily lives and the respect it merits.

"A pinch of salt" (Univ. of Eeast Anglia)

Please visit the website of the project Pinch of salt

Summer Science exhibition at the Royal Society 2013

The Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition showcases the most exciting cutting-edge UK science and technology. 2-7 July 2013, London

The “Pinch of Salt” exhibit will demonstrate how scientists are using cutting-edge instruments to provide information on remote and otherwise inaccessible areas of the ocean. A fleet of ocean robots known as Seagliders measure the saltiness of the seawater and send back the data via satellite phone.


Please visit the website of the project Folow the glider


  • Glider school presentations at PLOCAN

Day 1: day1.pdf

Day 2: day2.pdf

Day 3: day3.pdf

Day 6: day6.pdf

Day 7:day7.pdf

Day 8: day8.pdf

  • Glider papers:





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