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WP1: Scientific Coordination

The single task in WP1 is to coordinate the scientific and technological activities in GROOM in order to optimise the link between the different work packages and respective tasks. A dedicated WP for this activity will ensure that the connection, timing and summary from the scientific work that has been achieved in the other work packages is fully evaluated in respect to the design of a European infrastructure useful for GOOS as well as forefront science.

Task 1.1. Project coordination

(responsible: UPMC, contributors: All) The activities in this task will include:

  • Scientific coordination and monitoring of work-packages
  • The supervision of project progress milestones and project global direction
  • Organise project meetings and internal reviews
  • The scientific review of the work performed by the partners including scientific deliverables
  • Research risk management
  • The preparation of the scientific part of the reports to be submitted to the EC

Task 1.2. Internal and external communication

(responsible UPMC) This task concerns internal and external communications, including a website, brochures


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