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WP2: Integration in the GOOS

The tasks in WP2 will analyse the three preparatory actions (vision statement of the ESF Marine Board) in respect to creating and maintaining a sustainable glider component in GOOS. The synergy effects will be assessed with other observatories in GOOS, namely Argo profiling floats, Moorings, Ships, and Satellites. The financial as well as the legal aspects of a sustainable glider component in GOOS will be analysed. Moreover, the available legal framework to set up such a component in Europe will be reflected on. The results of this work package will be a direct contribution to the assessment done in WP1.

Task 2.1. Assessment of a glider component in the GOOS

(responsible: IFM-GEOMAR, contributors: NURC, NERSC, HCMR, AWI, UIB, SAMS, FMI,UPMC, OGS) The participants will evaluate the potential role of a sustained glider component as part of the GOOS (via EuroGOOS, MedGOOS) based on the relevant strategies for COOP and GCOS (via I-GOOS). This includes analysing the synergies with parts of the GOOS as satellites, moorings, floats, and ships and with a focus on scientific research potential (physical, biogeochemical, others), operational oceanography issues (including ECV), and contributions to ROOSes (e.g. IBI-ROOS, Arctic ROOS, BOOS). start month 1 – end month 24

(responsible: UT, contributor: NERC, FMI, UCY) The participants will review legal aspects related the operation and deployment of underwater gliders, including IOC/ABE-LOS relevant topics as legal status of the gliders and collection of data. Furthermore, the possibility to integrate a sustained glider component based on the legal framework for joint funding and management will be analysed. start month 1 – end month 24

Task 2.3. Financial framework

(responsible: UPMC, contributors: All) We will estimate the costs and funding schemes associated with a sustainable glider component as part of GOOS. This includes the infrastructure costs, strategies to secure funding, and some preparatory work for a possible business plan.


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