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Work Packages

The work in GROOM is organized in six high-level work packages (WPs):

  • WP1: Project Scientific and Technical Coordination (UPMC): The single task in WP1 is to coordinate the scientific and technological activities in GROOM in order to optimise the link between the different work packages and respective tasks… [ More ]
  • WP2: Integration in the GOOS (IFM-GEOMAR): The tasks in WP2 will analyse the three preparatory actions (vision statement of the ESF Marine Board) in respect to creating and maintaining a sustainable glider component in GOOS… [ More ]
  • WP3: Scientific Innovation (OGS): In WP3 we will explore the innovative part in operating gliders. This work package will ensure that the proposed glider infrastructure can provide a system that allows European researchers to stay at the forefront of research development… [ More ]
  • WP4: Targeted Experiments (UEA) In WP4, existing glider missions data and metadata will be analysed in respect to an infrastructure relevant aspects, such as: scientific motivation (link to WP2 and WP3), data flow, sensors, mission design and software for piloting, as well as logistical aspects (link to WP5)…[ More ]
  • WP5: Observatory Infrastructure (OC-UCY): The existing but fragmented European glider infrastructure is analysed in WP5, and a future European infrastructure for gliders will be defined based on what exists…[ More ]
  • WP6: Project Management (UPMC): … [ More ]

that are intimately linked to the others and all are addressing preparatory actions and studying the design of a Research Infrastructure composed of gliders/gliderports.


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