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A Design Study on a Glider European Research Infrastructure
for the benefit of marine research and operational oceanography

The GROOM website is frozen since the end of the project (31 December 2014).

Welcome to the GROOM website

The objective of the GROOM project is to design a new European Research Infrastructure that uses underwater gliders for collecting oceanographic data. This new infrastructure shall be beneficial for a large number of marine activities and societal applications, which can be related to climate change, marine ecosystems, resources, or security and which rely on academic oceanographic research and/or operational oceanography systems.

GROOM will define the scientific, technological, and legal framework of this European glider capacity.

GROOM is a key project for building the required observatory network that would allow the Marine Strategy Framework Directive to be implemented.

GROOM will develop in line with other European and international initiatives supporting marine in-situ observations, like in particular Euro-Argo, JERICO, and GOOS.


The GROOM project has started in October 2011 for 3 years.



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